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Frequently Asked Questions

Period 0 10-45 minutes before start of soccer and other events.
Period 1 during 1st half for soccer and 1st hour of all other events.
Period 2 during halftime for soccer.

Please be sure to indicate the time period for delivery of each item you are ordering.

Your computer generated bill is presented 20 minutes into the 2nd half for soccer and 30 minutes prior to the expected end of all other events.

This allows us time to process bills for all 30 suites and present them to you by the end of the event. Our goal is to not detain you and we ask that you keep in mind that at bill presentation time all service stops in order to provide you with a complete bill. If you wish to continue service you may be detained at the end of an event while we amend your bill.

Please note that BMO Field policy states that all guests must vacate their suites no later than 30 minutes after the end of an event

If you need to cancel your food order, please provide us with a minimum of 24-hours notice. Failing to do so, all charges for items ordered will be processed to the method of payment you have provided.

We have developed a number of order formats to provide each suiteholder an opportunity to place orders at their convenience.

Your preorder can be emailed to We will automatically confirm receipt of all emailed preorders.


This option provides the most extensive menu selection. We highly recommend this option.

Our 48-hour preorder menus must be received in our office by 5:00pm two business days prior to an event or by 2:00pm on Thursdays for weekend and Monday events.


Upon arrival to your suite, you may ask your Suite Attendant to provide you with our Event Day menu. Please be aware that this menu has limited selection. You will be required to complete all the required information on the top of the menu order form prior to having your order processed.


For your convenience, you may place a standing food order which you would like processed for all events. Please contact our office at 416-815-5942 to establish your standing food order.

Most items on the menu have been planned to serve a minimum of eight guests. An Executive Suite entertaining 10-12 guests should consider ordering approximately 4-6 menu selections to satisfy a typical appetite, except in the case of entrees. If you would like our assistance we would be delighted to help you design a menu for your guests.

All of our menu order forms provide you with a Special Request box where you can indicate allergies, dietary requirements, special products etc. You are welcome to contact our office at 416-815-5942 or email us your special requirement at We will make every effort to accommodate you and your guests.

All suiteholders have the option to establish a liquor par stock cabinet. We will send you our Wine & Spirits order form and you can indicate the items which you would like maintained in your cabinet at all times. As soon as a bottle is depleted your Suite Attendant will automatically order a new one. A credit card for our files is required in order to establish your liquor cabinet.

Beer and wine is also available along with soft drinks, bottled waters and juices. These items are maintained in your suite mini refrigerator and you are charged on a consumption basis.

If you choose not to establish a liquor par stock and on occasion would like liquor available you have the option to order liquor by the bottle and it will be locked in your suite until it is completed.


All suites contain a mini-bar refrigerator containing a par stock of assorted beers, soft drinks, juices and house wines. These items are charged on a consumption basis and your suite attendant is required to conduct an opening and closing inventory of these products as well as place orders for any requirements during the event. The wines are charged by the bottle so once a bottle is opened a new bottle is ordered to replace it.

We are required to maintain these par stock levels upon opening and closing of each event and all excess quantities over the par stock are returned back to our liquor room for resale. Please be sure not to over-order upon bill presentation at the end of the event as with limited space we are unable to store this excess product in your suite nor manage our established inventory system effectively.

A standard 18% administrative charge is automatically added to the net total of your entire order. This administrative charge is not intended to be a tip, gratuity or service charge for the benefit of service employees. 7% of the administrative charge is retained by Pinnacle Caterers for credit card and other administrative charges, 11% is distributed to service employees as additional wages.

It is helpful if we know who to expect, what the billing arrangements are and if your liquor is to be locked. You can always send us an email or preorder form indicating the name of the company using the suite, access to locked liquor will require guest to present their own method of payment.

Pinnacle Caterers is one of the premier full service catering companies in the greater Toronto area. We have been providing culinary excellence and distinctive service for over thirty years.